El-Erian: Only the ECB can save Italy now, but it can’t act alone

To act as a durable circuit breaker, the ECB needs others to help on four critical issues: a bold and lasting separation in how we deal with Europe’s insolvent nations and its illiquid ones; a regional programme to enhance growth and employment; immediate actions to counter the fragility of the banking system; and bold political decisions to strengthen the institutional underpinning of the eurozone, either as it is configured today or via a smaller and less imperfect one.
The European summit on October 23 came close to partially addressing some of these factors but slow progress and disruptive national political developments limited its impact. As a result, Europe’s crisis has entered a new and even more worrisome phase.
With neither the region nor the global economy in a position to afford many more slippages, let us hope that this latest development will serve as a loud, urgent and effective call for proper diagnosis and comprehensive action.


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