Ice Age: The winter up to -30?

ελπίζω να είναι λάθος εκτιμήσεις
ειδικά η βόρεια Ελλάδα θα υποφέρει

παρακάτω η είδηση μέσω γουγλι τρανσλέητ
νοτ γκουντ
2η χρονιά βαρύ χειμώνα και ακόμα χειρότερο;


Belgrade - The Balkans will this winter be particularly affected by the freezing weather, and from the European Meteorological Center forecast temperatures down to minus 30, according to Radio Free Europe.

Russian meteorologists have predicted a few days ago nahladniju winter in the last 1,000 years, a similar warning was recently arrived from Redding.
As stated by the European Centre for Medium-range Weather, Europe is waiting for an unusually cold winter due to unusually hot summer in the northeast of Europe and much of Siberia. Will be the coldest in the Balkans.
Prediction commented climatologists from the region, which underscores that this is a referral, but it is still too early for reliable forecasts.

"Forecast, it is in the long run - is less reliable. Yet science has no such precise methods. Thing that can be said is that this winter is likely to be colder than the last. Weak El Nino effect, although it is far from us, it is an indicator of global climate change on the ocean, so to speak. So that means moving warm surface waters from east to west. From Europe to America, "says Zeljko Majstorovic from Sarajevo to" Free Europe ".

Belgrade meteorologist Branko Sparavalo said that the outlook "pretty bold".

"The question really is how much will this forecast come true. Values ​​that are given, the temperature will reach minus 30 in the Balkans are quite low and these values ​​are very rare, not only in the course of a decade, but in the course of the century. It is quite daring forecast and we can generally rely on these forecasts, and they are still in the experimental stage, "says Sparavalo.

B ranko Micev, head of the Center for Analysis and prediction in Hydrometeorological Institute in Podgorica, said that he expected "the Siberian waves" with temperatures below minus 20, but it only works for the coldest days and coldest parts of the country.

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